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Motocross - Enduro

I'm born in 1971, I live in Belgium (Wallonia) and my first real passion was doing motocross and enduro races. In the 1990 years, I was a good competitor in the national championships, not a big champion but not a looser also. Some of my best results : some podiums and victories at the national motocross & enduro championships (250cc juniors class), 3rd place at the 12h endurance of Chinelle in the 125cc class (team race), 20th place at the Trefle Lozerien in the 250cc national class, the greatest enduro race in France, ...


Helmets painting was my second passion, more than a passion, it was a real job, during something like 10 years. After this, I decided to buy my first computer and build some Websites, learning some proggies like Photoshop was not so easy. Now, I'm still learning some stuffs but I should say the Web from today is really boring, stuffs changes faster than the stuffs we learn ! I'll still continue to make some new creations but with the knownledge I got till now.


I'm not retired, all what I like to do is riding my Honda Varadero 1000cc in the best places of the whole Europe, and all what I can say for now is that the North of "my" Continent is more beautiful than the South. I'm still doing some Webdesign but for my own pleasure also, one of my other occupations is playing a very old computer game, it's called Motocross Madness 2, check the Website I done by clicking here, one of my latest creations. My main occupation is still Rando-Moto.be, the Website of my motorcycle club, check it by clicking on the link below this ...

See you later

Stay tuned, I did this Webpage in some minutes, please come back later to check the final version, it should be online during the year 2016.

Oooops, I forgot to say that I'm a RSC Anderlecht fan, that's the reason of this purple layout !

See u lata ... BPh himself ;-)